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Welcome to Cala Jami - introduction on youtubeCala Jami June 2012 


The vision

Cala Jami is a piece of land situated in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, 4 km walking distance from the Costa Smeralda, a coastline known for its beauty. This area of Sardinia is characteristic for its fantastic granite rock formations and evergreen lush vegetation. The piece of land encompasses a quiet valley, rich with vegetation and water. We grow olives and vegetables, all organic.

Cala Jami is especially conducive for experiencing nature, meditation, retreats and comunity in a sustainable and spiritual setting.

The spiritual and ecological meetings and events that take place at Cala Jami (see programs) are organized by SUFI EARTH SPIRIT, a Sardinian non profit association related to the Inayati Order - a Sufi path of spiritual freedom (former Sufi Order International).

People that come together at Cala Jami are from different countries, different cultural and religious backgrounds and different age.

Besides the possibility of participating in events it is also possible to just come and spend some time amidst Sardinia's nature and its sacred environment whilst getting new inspiration from the spiritual setting.

Some come to Cala Jami to spend some weeks as a volunteer and to experience a different life style much closer to nature (see participation and support). We are host in WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

Many experience the atmosphere of Cala Jami and the surrounding nature as purifying, healing and awakening. To some people the entire island with its ancient sacred places and its atmosphere of timelessness is a center of spiritual power.

Roshan who lives at Cala Jami big part of the year is active as meditation teacher, representative, guide and retreat guide in the Inayati Order. See on youtube Meditation with Roshan and Interview with Roshan about Sufism and Cala Jami. 

Throughout big part of the year morning meditation sessions take place at Cala Jami, during the warm season sometimes at the beach or on a hill with view towards the sunrise. There are evening gatherings with music and singing.
Morning meditations and evening sessions are free of charge, everybody is welcome to participate.

We are open for visitors and volunteers who are interested in Sufi wisdom and Sufi meditation, in a holistic view on life, in ecology and a sustainable life style in close contact with the elements and nature. We believe that ecology and spirituality are deeply related to each other.


A lot has happened:

- In 2015 the new house was finished, a great effort based on the support of many.

- In September 2015 the non profit association SUFI EARTH SPIRIT was founded at Cala Jami. It is now the supporting organization behind Cala Jami.
The main objectives of SUFI EARTH SPIRIT are:
1. The study and spreading of the teachings and contemlative practises of the Sufis, especially of the Sufi mystics Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and Pir Zia Inayat Khan.
2. Promotion of a healthy, nature-orientated, sustainable and eco-social life style.
3. Open Cala Jami as a place for encounter for the people living in the surrounding areas and thereby fulfil the social function of contributing to human maturing.
The webpage of the association SUFI EARTH SPIRIT is still being edited.

- Until autumn 2015 there was a big round tent for events and it was possible to set up small tents for outdoor accommodation. But in autumn 2015 we had to follow the instruction given by the forest administration and take down all tents. The reason they mentioned was danger of bushfire. We will try to get the authorisation to set up tents again, at least during certain periods of the year. But until we get the authorisation only a few events will take place at Cala Jami, mostly retretas (individual retreats and retreats in small groups, see program 2016). For the same reason in 2016 it won't always be possible to visit us. Please contact us in time if you are interested to come.
Still meditation sessions and other meetings will take place in 2016, for those who are at Cala Jami and for the people who live in the surrounding areas.

- Updated information especially regarding the solutions for our current problems will be published here.

Ambitions and visions

We live in a time of spiritual, ecological and economic crisis. Many feel insecure. On one hand, in Italy hopelessness and resignation seem to spread, on the other hand there are quite some positive, promising projects, mainly started by enthusiatic groups of practical people with lofty ideals.

People nowadays are in great need of such projects, e.g. of spiritual and ecological centres. We feel that as such a place we have to offer something important to the community. Especially as in the north-eastern region of Sardinia there are not many spiritual or ecological centres although people are interested in and in need of spirituality and ecology.

So one focus of Cala Jami is on spirituality, especially Sufi gatherings and events, the other is on ecological meetings and activities, and both go hand in hand.

Though not everyone is open to spirituality, many know that change is necessary. That is why we are about to start regular eco-meetings open to all, where we want to bring up, discuss and put into practice ideas to inspire each other to act sustainably, get away from passive consumerism and move towards awareness and responsibility towards nature and its resources.

Themes of these meetings are: self-sufficiency - positive change - gardening and life in harmony with nature - permaculture - forest gardening - eco-building - bee keeping - medicinal herbs and wild plants - olive and fruit tree cultivation - health and nutrition - vegetarian/vegan cooking - shopping responsibly - avoiding waste and recycling - do it yourself - hiking, exploring, learning to observe nature attentively - traditional knowledge and crafts - practical spirituality - community - peaceful communication, to name only a few.

We plan to publish more details soon.

Cala Jami: volunteering, participation and support

There are different possibilities to participate and contribute to our project. We are delighted when dedicated and enthusiastic people come to contribute their unique gifts, capabilities and ideas. Cala Jami is a place for dreaming and realising dreams … Once a year interested participants come and meet together at Cala Jami.

The financing of the house building worked and the vision of a spacious and beautiful house came true because of the many inspired and trustful friends of Cala Jami who support(ed) the project in various ways. Still more support will be needed in order to install a solar energy system (see participation and support for more details).

We use to have “support camps” at Cala Jami, usually in early spring. During the mornings, after meditation we work and create together on the piece of land, enjoying contact with the elements. During the rest of the day there is time to relax, take walks, meditate, sing, remember and praise the One Being whose body is the whole universe, make music, cook, sit beneath the stars, and share laughter together….

Besides the support camps, we host volunteers from different countries. We are host on and since January 2015 also WWOOFing host. In 2016, due to the recent changes (see above, 'News'), space is very limited and we won't be able to host as many volunteers as we used to do last years.

Morning meditation on the day of Cala Jami’s inauguration in May 2005