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Welcome to Cala Jami - introduction on youtubeCala Jami June 2012


The vision

The Sufi-Centre Cala Jami is situated on a magnificent piece of land in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, 3 km from the coast. It is an ideal place for meditation and retreats. The focus is on Sufi gatherings and events of the International Sufi Order.

But if you would just like to come and spend some time in the powerful silence of nature here, you are also welcome.

The piece of land is about one hectare and encompasses a quiet valley, rich with lush vegetation and water. We have planted many olive trees, some fruit trees and we grow organic vegetables.
There is big round tent, there are beautiful places to set up tents, there's a wooden hut and a caravan and now there is a beautiful new house that has just been built, in 2014.

Meditation, retreats, dance and other spiritual events throughout the year

This powerful piece of land, embedded in ancient, light-filled nature, is especially conducive for retreats, meditation and other beautiful spiritual events. Many experience the atmosphere and power of nature here as purifying, healing and awakening.

Fascinating and inspiring events with different spiritual teachers take place over the year.
Roshan who lives at Cala Jami most part of the year is active as meditation teacher and guide in the International Sufi Order. Almost every day she offers a morning meditation in the big tent, during the warm season sometimes on the beach or on the mountain. The regular meditation sessions are free of charge.
See Meditation with Roshan on Youtube.

In 2010 - thanks to many donations and a lot of helping hands - we had been able to inaugurate our new beautiful meditation tent where sessions and spiritual events take place. The pictures below show an inspiring and soul-lifting Universal worship in the course of the three day jubilee celebration in June 2010 (100 years of Sufism in the West and 5 years of Cala Jami).

Kosmische Feier Jubiläum im Juni 2010

The next celebration event is coming closer now: The 10 years Cala Jami jubilee will take place in May 2015, we will inaugurate and bless the new house that has just been built. The picture on the left was taken in summer 2014, in construction but already beautiful. The other picture gives an impression of the house when finished inside (January 2015) but the outer refinement and technical installations still need to be done.
Seminarhaus mit Schornsteinen und Ziegeldach 
inside then new guest house


The financing of the house building worked and the vision of a spacious and beautiful house came true because of the many inspired and trustful friends of Cala Jami who support(ed) the project in various ways. Still more help is needed in order to finish the house completely.

Relaxing in the midst of nature and a sacred environment

Besides the possibility of participating in events it is also great just to spend some time amidst Sardinia's nature and its sacred environment whilst getting new inspiration from the interesting people whom you can meet at Cala Jami, or from the almost daily Sufi meditations and weekly evening gatherings.
In the surrounding area there are magnificent beaches, as well as ancient sacred places. To some people the entire island, with its atmosphere of timelessness, is a center of spiritual power.

Participation and support

There are different possibilities to participate and contribute to our project. We are delighted when dedicated and enthusiastic people come to contribute their unique gifts, capabilities and ideas. Cala Jami is a place for dreaming and realising dreams … Once a year interested participants come and meet together at Cala Jami.

We have “support camps” at Cala Jami, usually in early spring. During the mornings we work and create together on the piece of land, enjoying contact with the elements. During the rest of the day there is time to relax, take walks, meditate, make music, cook, sit beneath the stars, remember the source, and share laughter together….

Morning meditation at the day of Cala Jami’s inauguration in May 2005